In no case should it be the direct boss or manager of the corporation. Asince the person leaving may have some kind of direct conflict with him or her. It is better for it to be someone with whom the employee has not had much. A contact during his work period in the company. A since in this way his responses will not be conditione by the empathy.

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Lack thereof that he has with the person. How to prepare the exit interview for someone who leaves the company From the moment Portugal Mobile Database you begin to prepare for the exit interview you can either make a model for everyone or, what is better. A personalize it with each person who decides to leave the company a maxim must be taken into account.

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Respecting the Pre-establishe Scheule

That is that the interviewee He is the one who should speak, while the interviewer, that is, the person in charge of the company. A must listen WS Phone List to the reasons that have prompte him to leave the company. This listening signals to whoever is preparing the interview that the answers that the interviewee is giving should never be judge.


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