Themselves as adoptd product marketing strategy , a set of activities aimd at adapting the product to the current and future neds of potential customers, is of key importance. Shaping the product strategy in marketing begins at the stage of creating the product concept. Themselves as the very beginning, you should ensure that the product is maximally suitd to the expectations of the target group. Strategy building continues during product launch and sale.

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The official end of the strategy is considerd to be the moment the product is withdrawn from the market. The product strategy in marketing should be Estonia Mobile Database consistent with. The other elements of the traditional marketing-mix 4P concept, with price, promotion and distribution. The product strategy should therefore include: physical characteristics of the product, its quality, value and the promise it carries, warranty coverage, packaging and after-sales services.

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The structure of the assortment, including possible types.  Varieties of the product, product life cycle, product development strategy , adapting it.  To the changing neds resulting from changes in lifestyle, technological development, etc. The product WS Phone List strategy also includes such elements as advertising, brand and trademark, service. We recommend 3 proven marketing methods. The entrepreneur can act according to the selectd product strategy scheme.

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