Those users who may actually be intereste in this advertising message. And this is how Real Time Biding was born , the so calle programmatic advertising purchase. The main advantages of campaigns carrie out in RTB are their greater effectiveness, a better return on investment ROI , a better conversion ratio ROI and lower costs per impression CPI and costs per acquisition CPA . But, before getting fully into Real Time Bidding and learning all the ins.

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Outs of programmatic buying, a review of the evolution of online advertising is going to be carrie out. Brief review of the evolution Ukraine Mobile Database of online advertising With the arrival of the first web page, in 1989, the first advertising banners began to be seen. In addition, the first search engines appeare, which functione as a directory. These are years in which the star advertising meia are television and the press, so online advertising began to be manage with the same premises use up to that moment.

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The biggest difference between traditional and online advertising is that the former is limite in space and time, while online advertising WS Phone List tends to be infinite, thanks to the fact that it can access more supports and a greater number of users. The way in which online advertising began to be manage le to an overexposure of the user.


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