There are mainly stages There are mainly stages i In Content Matrix it describes the content format that is divid into types, namely, ucational content, persuasive content (Convince), entertainment content. (Entertainment) and inspirational content (Inspire), each type has a different form of content, such as making an E-Book or Infographic suitable for making knowlge such as writing articles Infographics, Videography, E-Book. Remember to keep the content up-to-date at all times. Always check the content you have written on the website. or other channels such as company information.

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Products There are mainly stages Malaysia Mobile Database or services to be up-to-date at all times Specifically, the content should be in terms of engaging marketing. Content that can be link to our business and create some action In addition to updating existing content, we should make good content relat to business, for example, if our company deals with real estate brokerage firms. having information about how to buy a home How to view location how to fix the house or home decoration News about real estate It can be us to promote the benefit of the business and benefit the target group.

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Which these contents should There WS Phone List are mainly stages i also be within the scope of the objectives of doing it from the beginning as well Start building an E-mailing List to deliver content to the target audience. lists for delivering various contents that we do This will help us organize the delivery of each content to the right audience. And it also helps to enhance the power of the content we create to be more effective. Not all audiences ne the same content. Some groups may only be interest in content about products or services. Some groups may be interest in news information.t in activity information. which organizes and categorizes customer groups to receive.

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