After all, many consumers research before buying and these portals are the main research environments. Make sure your company an product can be easily found on the internet. 3. Apps Large companies often invest in native applications to add to their marketing and growth strategies. However, not all companies have the funds and budget for this. Retailers and small and medium-sized businesses often invest in solutions that already exist in the market. Here, it is essential that you offer convenience to your consumer, allowing them to buy, book, trace routes or find.

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Increase your sales with Gofind! Strengths and Weaknesses of the Online-to-Offline Strategy • Strengths of O2O – It is a scalable business model, allowing a high level of data reading and measurement to obtain results with greater predictability . • Weaknesses of O2O – It can be quite difficult to integrate online with offline and manage Cyprus Business Email List the reputation (quality of service) offered by retailers and resellers. physical stores We talk a lot about digital marketing strategies, but should you forget about the physical store and points of sale? Absolutely not! In-store service should be a business card and show consumers that the face-to-face experience is also as good as the digital one. Furthermore, it is important to understand that omnichannel is here to stay. That is, it is not enough to have only one communication and sales channel.

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It is necessary to integrate physical and digital actions and perform the best service in both. How can Gofind help my business go online-to-offline? Gofind has been helping big brands and local businesses stand out in the market. Thanks to our artificial intelligence platform that increases the flow of people in stores. A tool that maps and shows, in real time WS Phone List the availability of products at the physical and digital points of sale of the brands that hire our solution . Enabling your company to manage and plan marketing, trade marketing and sales actions targeted at specific audiences and segmented by geographic location. Connecting your sales channels to offer a personalize and interactive platform, with a Product Locator Map that is integrate into the brand’s website and social networks. In addition, we offer full analytics.

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