There May Be inflation and rising interest rates, more and more investors have investe in fixe income instruments. This type of investment tends to present a very low level of risk and, therefore, brings a more assertive result for investors. Gabriela Fernandes, economics analyst at Sicoob Engecre, explains that a large part of investments in fixe income have their returns linke to indices that are currently on the rise, such as the IPCA, the IGP-M, the CDI and the Selic. “For this reason, Also has 11 awards at the Great Place To Work (GPTW) as one of the Best.

Employees May Request Modifications

Companies to Work For, in regional and national rankings. “These data show the strength of our cooperative, which recently South-Africa Mobile Database complete 20 years, and the genuine interest we have in people”, says CEO, Fabrício Modesto CesSustainable development has been increasingly discusse and accepte by instutions of all sizes. According to experts, growing economically, avoiding damage to the environment There May Be and promoting social improvements, will soon be essential for the functioning and image of companies. However, there are already organizations.

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Respecting the Pre-establishe Scheule

That have investe in this management model for a long time and, among them, are cooperatives. Create at the end of the 19th century, cooperative WS Phone List enties came to oppose the capalist model of the time, marke by the Industrial Revolution, which aime at work and prof above all, whout worrying about social and environmental condions. Cooperativism, in turn, unes groups of people who have common goals and who, regardless of their area of ​​activy, seek to promote qualy of life and prospery for their members and the communy in which they are inserte.


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