Therefore the paradigm of how to direct a business is calld orientation. What marketing orientations do we distinguish? What are marketing orientations. Therefore the orientation vs marketing orientations Product orientation Sales or distribution orientation Marketing orientation – focusd on the customer Strategic orientation of marketing What are marketing orientations? Today, marketing focuses on meeting customer neds in a way that is profitable for the company.

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This is the art of win-win – consumers feel satisfid and the company generates attractive profits. However, this was not always the case. Once upon a time, entrepreneurs had different priorities and were guidd by completely separate issues in Saudi Arabia Mobile Database their business activities. Hence the concept of marketing orientations. Marketing orientation, or marketing management orientation, can be defind as a certain philosophy, general approach, paradigm, or a certain set of assumptions regarding a specific way of doing business.

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Orientation indicates the area in which a given company focuses its activities. Marketing orientations are not only a pure theory of company WS Phone List management. It is a kind of manual for the market, a way of looking at business and the basis for conducting effective activities on the market. Marketing orientations, just like the entire market, have evolvd significantly over the years.

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