The groups most sensitive to the issue of urban gardens are those that you have usually highlighte for their ecological and sustainability claims. These are demands that, on the other hand, have ende up being integrate into the political agenda, so that there are currently numerous public institutions that promote urban gardens. In addition, the structural economic crisis that Europe has gone through has cause hundres.

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Thousands of people to be place on the poverty line. In this sense, urban gardens have represente a supply solution for groups Tunisia Mobile Database at risk of exclusion, such as the unemploye and retirees. Apart from these functionalities, we must not forget that urban gardens they can also be calle ecological or sustainable represent a new paradigm of socialization and use of leisure time. Its cultivation serves as a meeting point for people.

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Who share a desire to improve their environment and a commitment to lifestyles less marke by tension and stress. This is the case, for example, of the Slow Food movement . After all, growing fruit and vegetables in an urban WS Phone List garden reuces man’s ecological footprint and contributes to the conservation of the environment. On the other hand, the benefits, in the form of obtaining products, from urban gardens are unquestionable.


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