Even if at the start we have a great application whose code is of the highest quality, after a few years it may turn out that it is no longer worth anything. A good software company carries out updates on an ongoing basis and adapts the code to current trends and technologies. A website that look super modern five years ago without ongoing development will look outdat and not up to modern standards today.

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Code quality – summary Code quality has a direct impact on the quality of software operation. None of us will want to use an application Lebanon Mobile Database that crashes all the time, is slow and contains errors. Unfortunately, the price goes hand in hand with the quality. However, let us remember that the more money we invest at the beginning, the lower the costs we will incur in the future At Droptica, we will create a web application or website in Drupal for you , in accordance with specific coding standards.

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That we can use on both sides

Code quality will be regularly check by programmers, testers and automat tests.In this article, we will try to present the general process of creating complex websites. We will take into account both the development team and WS Phone List the business perspective. However, it is known that the process of creating websites is, in a sense, a creative process. Therefore, it is worth remembering that some nes and actions may differ depending on the project. Creating a complex page – characteristics Large websites can be characteriz by various elements.

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