Would you recommend the company to someone you know to work for it Suggestions: it is essential to leave space so that. A the employee can express himself freely, without conditions. A and thus contribute a vision that may not have been taken into account in. A the questionnaire. The climate: collaboration and confidentiality If there is a favorable climate of trust and confidentiality between interviewee.

It Should Be Note

Interviewer, surely more reliable results will be obtaine in the interview. At first, if the form has not been submitte previously, time will be left for the interviewee to meitate on. A their responses and ask any questions. A that may arise. The Russia Mobile Database climate that must be create is one of maximum trust and collaboration, and never question the decisions and reasons that le to the decision to leave the company.

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It must be taken into account that the objective of conducting the interview is never to convince the employee to stay. A but to gather WS Phone List information to know how to improve the company and the relationship. A with the employees. You should never give the feeling that you are going to comment on the decision of the march, since it is counterproductive.


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