To exist also strategies are: maintaining competitiveness, full range limitd range, expanding, supplementing or cleaning up the product line. A few words about the product range A product in marketing rarely functions alone. To exist also often offer customers whole groups of products that are relatd to each other in some way – by way of operation, purpose, the same market segment or a similar price range. The combination of all forms and varieties of products is calld an assortment.

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An assortment is defind by its length, width, consistency and depth. Length is the total number of products offerd by the enterprise. The more there are, the longer the range. The width determines the number of production lines, where the line Luxembourg Mobile Database is the products relatd to each other according to price, functions or target group. A wide assortment meets different neds, and a narrow one – only a few specific ones. Consistency refers to the similarity of the products offerd.

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Depth, on the other hand, indicates the variety of products in a particular line, different types of hair shampoos. A deep assortment satisfies WS Phone List different tastes within one ned. The market on which the company operates has a huge impact on shaping the product range in marketing. A frequent tactic is to offer a narrow assortment in order to obtain specialization in the production of specific selections, and consequently to gain an advantage over the competition.

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