To get involvd How many times did you draw yourself when you were a childAnd to your familyTo your friendsWe all have. When we are little we are passionate about creating stories and imagining worlds. We start by drawing ourselves our surroundings and To get involvd the places we dream of. So apparently we weren’t that far from what is now the future. We talk about volumetric production and avatars as the keys to the metaverse. Yes the keys to the future.

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Did you know that the termmetaverse was first namd in 1992So did the science fiction writer Neal Stepherson. However now the metaverse China Mobile Database represents the future of interconnectd virtual experiences through virtual reality and augmentd reality technologies . And while it is true that there are many debates that this futuristicor not so futuristic term that is on everyone’s lips has opend the reality is that we cannot deny the relevance of this new world.

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A new world that Telefónica does not want to miss. For this reason on September 29 Telefónica Metaverse Day will be heldthe first WS Phone List innovation event on the metaverse and other relatd emerging technologies such as tokens NFTs virtual augmentd and mixd reality devices. The keys to create your avatars in metaverse Perhaps the termavatar is more familiar to you but what is volumetric productionVolumetric production is the step prior to the creation of an avatar.

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