Thanks to the publishing capabilities, Pimcore users can automatically create data sheets and content, such as product catalogues, price lists, technical documentation, company presentations, photo magazines, brochures, etc. itors, marketers or sales managers no longer ne to keep the data up-to-date before publishing, because the system updates all information automatically.

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Integration with graphics design software Another feature of Pimcore is the ability to easily integrate with the application for publishing Netherlands Mobile Database and designing layouts – Adobe InDesign. This solution allows designers and publishers to use data models, object databases and resources stor in the PIM system to build layouts directly in the program.

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For formatting tables, iting product photos), transforming them into print materials ( leaflets, posters, catalogues, magazines WS Phone List and even books). The Pimcore system has integration with Adobe InDesign, an application for designing graphic layouts. Source: Pimcore Manufacturing industry Manufacturing, like other industries, is moving into a digital phase. This happens for various reasons – innovative products appear, time to market for new products is shorten, and consumer demands are increasing.

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