The determination of the employer’s contribution. Consequently, and under the provisions of article 29.1 of the consolidate text of the Workers’ Statute Law, approve by Royal Legislative Decree 1 1995, of March 24, which indicates that “the receipt of wages will be adjuste to the model approve by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

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Today of Employment and Social Security , we procee to the modification of the annex to the Ministerial Order of December 27, 1994, by which the model of individual receipt of wages. Failure to deliver salary receipts to the worker on time Cambodia Mobile Database or using salary receipts other than the official ones without prior authorization constitutes an offense in accordance with the provisions of Royal Legislative.

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The degree of minor and a penalty of 60 to 625 euros.If we analyze the type of objectives that people expect from the organizations in which they work, we can find, among others, the following: Opportunity for promotion, eucation and WS Phone List professional career Freeom and autonomy Support: renewe leadership Recognitions and rewards: Salary, benefits and incentives. Employability and training camaraderie and companionship.


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