Companies must therefore meet these challenges. PIM can help them by better managing data and increasing operational efficiency. Industrial data management Pimcore provides manufacturers with effective data management. It enables them to import, consolidate and deliver product information across channels and applications (such as B2B marketplaces, manufacturers’ websites.

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Product catalogs and price lists). Thanks to centraliz and up-to-date data in one place, they can quickly respond to the nes of the market Belgium Mobile Database and customers. The PIM system also allows you to ruce time by automating some repetitive tasks, entering SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) numbers, changing prices, adding new items or withdrawing products.

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For this purpose, manufacturers can use such functionalities as importing product data directly from the ERP (Enterprise Resources WS Phone List Planning) system, batch iting in a multi-product list, duplicating existing products to add similar items faster, or creating templates. Ecommerce Digital retailers ne a variety of e-commerce functionalities that drive customer engagement and sales . Today, just setting up an online store and selling products only there is not enough to distinguish your offer from the competition.

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