design At the beginning of this step, it is good practice to prepare a timeline. It will allow you and your team to look at the project as a whole and see which parts currently ne work and which should be nearing completion. This way of working will make the process much more efficient. Unfortunately, it often happens that it is not possible to exactly how much time.

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The whole project will take, but it will certainly make it easier to break it down into smaller phases. The entire UX and UI design Albania Mobile Database process can be divid into several stages, Getting to know the product The creative process Prototyping and testing Graphic design This is one method of the design process. However, keep in mind that different teams may use different methods.

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Establish a visual identity and gather inspiration At this stage, it’s important to determine if you have a corporate identity. If so, it is WS Phone List worth checking whether it nes to be refresh. In case your organization lacks it, it is recommend to create one. A well-prepar visual identification is one of the ingrients of business success. It is your business card not only on the Internet. The existing visual identification will set the stylistic direction that the designers will follow when resigning the website.

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