Surely you have ever asked yourself, after finishing a training course, where is my job? One of the keys to developing your talent and your employability is the ability to wisely choose training courses or to choose studies . However, often the chosen training does not meet our expectations of increasing our chances of finding employment . How to decide and recognize at each professional moment. What training will be the best for the development of your career and sufficiently valued by the labor market?

Try to answer this question,

I have published in Be Job the 20 questions for choosing training courses in a 2.0 job market , an article of which I bring you a review here. In the professional career, experiences executive data and courses focus; postgraduate and master’s degrees specialize; and the jobs confirm. screenshot-2015-09-16-a-la-s-14-01-03 20 questions to choose training courses STRATEGY 1. Analyze the current job market If you think that there is no longer a. Yours is no longer a job. If you were never able to do your job. Yours was never a job. Do you know which jobs and professional profiles are most valued and in demand today?

Staying updated about training courses

The most in-demand jobs and occupations allows you to focus your work and training career. And is relatively simple given the amount of studies and analyzes of the labor market that are available online. Such is the case of the surveys published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Which offer data on employment by period of time. Including information on the sector that made. The most hires and the WS Phone List type of contract that was most used, among others. You can also find information within a specific field such as digital.

Where specialized studies analyze which professions are most in demand by companies currently. Likewise, it is essential to establish clear expectations of which jobs. The training will lead us to , also taking into account. which ones there are a greater number of hires for.

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