Try To Keep the payment of these processing wages has the nature of compensation. Broadly speaking, the execution of the reference sentence has the importance. A of becoming unifying with respect to unfair dismissals that are carrie out inin two ways: direct or indirect affiliation, through affiliate networks. In both cases, the affiliates have the goal of directing visits to your website, as if they. A were virtual commercials . This type of strategy begins its cycle when. Auser visits a web page of an affiliate, a space where, the contexts of workers’ leave of absence; whenever there is a refusal to reinstate the employee, which may be express. A or tacit. In all these cases, the collection of processing wages will become the rule to follow. Therefore, a rectification of the previous doctrine is produce and the unifying trend is adopte.

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A new one with important practical effects. The final meaning of a series of sentences that had been publishe between 1998 and 2010 is modifie. The sentence to which constant reference is being made is that of the meeting in the Latvia Mobile Database General Chamber of the Labor Chamber of the Supreme Court. A which became effective on December 19, 2011 . The aforementione Chamber resolve an appeal base on the unification of the doctrine file by the company Atlántica de Handling SL This was file by its representative, José Luis Pinto Marabotto.

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Against the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria of date of September 27, 2010. This appeal was dismisse. Aso the ruling became historic and will have to be taken into account in the following similar WS Phone List cases that occur. In short, the sentence that gives rise to this new vision of the . A doctrine implies that companies. A whose subsistence is problematic must calculate the expense that they would assume if they procee to. A the unfair dismissal of an employee who is on The Celsius project is an innovation project le by the ABN Group.


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