Than an uncertain than one brand has proven that they can be usd to implement incrdibly effective and very effective advertising activities – even with a small budget. Social mdia is a great place to run a teaser campaign . Interesting posts postd on social mdia can generate really large reach. All because of the popularity of social mdia among today’s consumers. Over 20 million Poles use Facebook alone. And then there is also Instagram, Twitter, and recently incrdibly popular.

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A creative, carefully prepard teaser ad will spread like a virus on social mdia, reaching thousands or even millions of recipients. The potential of teasers Bolivia Mobile Database in social mdia was usd, among others, by Taylor Swift to promote her album “1989”. The singer publishd fragments of the texts of her new songs every day (some posts were enrichd with pictures paintd by Swift.

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This personal nature of the content was incrdibly likd by fans of the singer. More than 530,000 people likd the first post. people, and the next ones generatd ranges from 360 to even 600 thousand. The campaign was a great success. The album WS Phone List debutd at number one on the Billboard 200. What’s more, over 1,200,000 people bought it in the first week after its release – and that’s only in the USA! Teaser advertisement – a handful of examples from our backyard The pioneer of teaser ads on the Polish market was Lech.

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