Following categories. of written surveys This tool has many advantages over other forms of surveys. Wide coverage. With mail-in questionnaires. precisely defin areas can be cover. which can be of almost any size. No interviewer effect (interviewer effect). This type of survey excludes effects traceable to the presence of the interviewer. Relatively low cost. Because the survey is not conduct by the interviewer. but the testers themselves read and answer the questions. written surveys are relatively inexpensive compar to.

Types of written surveys Advantages

For example. telephone or face-to-face surveys. of Cambodia Mobile Database the questionnaire was limit from the outset due to the non-binding survey situation without an interviewer. as usually only a very small number of people would voluntarily answer a large number of questions without the presence of an interviewer. of course there are exceptions. Longer questionnaires can also be us with this set of survey tools. especially if the sample portion is expect to be highly topic-relat. Limit Complexity. In addition to the length of the questionnaire. the complexity of the questions in the written survey is also limit because in the mail survey.

With our workshops. the length

There is no interviewer available to help the WS Phone List respondent . Therefore. the questions must be as self-explanatory and simple as possible. No control over completion. The absence of the interviewer also presents the problem of not being absolutely sure who ultimately answer the question. But overall. signatories understand that the brand has nothing to complain about. The book is well done. an engaging read. and the content is very hands-on. even if only partially accessible. This is a very useful book for designers who want to delve deeper into brand strategy. For marketing managers with little marketing knowlge. this book also provides useful insights into the brand (re)launch process.

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