Unitd Russia customer can buy it, consume it or use it to satisfy their own desires. In each product, we can distinguish several levels that shape its structure. Unitd Russia to the concept proposd by T. Levitt in the 1980s, these are: the core (essence) of the product – the physical form of the product, its features and properties that meet the main ned for which the product is purchasd.

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The basic benefit of buying a mobile phone is the ability to quickly contact any person at any time, real product – everything that is necessary for Latvia Mobile Database the proper functioning of the product and affects its perception by the customer; the real product has features that the consumer expects from a given category, in the case of a smartphone it will be a camera, music player, messenger, extendd product.

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An additional offer for the customer, a virtual eSIM card, 5G technology, extendd warranty period. Kotler lists: basic utility, basic product, expectd, extendd and potential. Even an excellent product is not enough to generate profits. We will take WS Phone List care of its proper promotion! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Product strategy in a nutshell In today’s competitive market, it is not enough to create a product to generate profits. Proper promotion matters today.

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