To provide semantics to the category and to be Unlocking Success able to work on interlinking between categories . With the help of DinoRANK’s Internal Linking module , we detected that there were a large number of outgoing links in the categories, wasting a high amount of internal PageRank towards links that did not contribute anything and old links that had been hidden in the code: shopify internal linking It was decided to eliminate from the code those that were hidden and obfuscate repetitive or uninteresting links, with the aim of taking advantage of all possible internal PageRank.

Large number of outgoing Unlocking Success links in the categories

You can, and a lot, but you have to know how to understand top industry data the code of the current Shopify theme and rewrite a large part of it. In this case, I had the help of Roberto Aresena from Shopiflat , who achieved these great results: shopify loading speed The main actions carried out were: Complete rebuild of the home and collection page code. Improved Shopify metafield loading for color variants between products via Javascript. Remove useless apps from the store along with any trace of them from the entire theme code.

Still advisable to include the main keyword in the URL

Reduced snippets for faster server WS Phone List response. Reduce weight and size of images, adapting each of them to the recommended dimensions. 5. Change Friendly URLs in Shopify No, you cannot remove /collections/ or /products/ , and nothing happens . “Perfect and clean” URLs for SEO no longer carry great weight. It is still advisable to include the main keyword. In the URL, but having a structure. Before it is not problematic or important in SEO. 6. Fix duplicate products Duplicate. 

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