Until not long ago, before crowdfunding exist, anyone had limit ways to get capital to finance it. You could request a loan from a bank, perhaps signing or helping family and friends. Crowdfunding or micropatronage has been in operation for a relatively short time, but it has already become an alternative to the traditional ways of obtaining financing. In today’s article i want to delve into the concept of crowdfunding, how it all began, its phases, how it works, types or models and some terminology, so that you don’t lose detail in your next campaign. What is crowdfunding? It is a crowdfunding r, which is usually carri out remotely via the internet.

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Crowdfunding financing is obtain through micro-donations (or small financial contributions) that contribute to financing the project. In some types of crowdfunding, these micro-donations are made by users in exchange for rewards or Afghanistan Mobile Database even shares in the company. Any type of project can bet on crowdfunding as the main source of financing: product design, social or cultural projects, entrepreneurship, etc. Citizens or companies contribute to the financing of a project with a variable amount of money. According to valentí acconcia, consultant behind vanacco: «crowdfunding is much more than collective financing of projects via the internet. It is a community marketing that allows us to launch projects of any category.

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Their followers to finance tours

Some of the best known platforms could be. How crowdfunding began to locate the origins of crowdfunding, we would have to focus on the first actions that requir donations from the town or small communities to achieve their WS Phone List objectives. For example, in the music sector, there are many groups that in the 90s already us or recordings. In spain, the musical group extremoduro financ its first album in 1989 thanks to donations from its followers. It is also said that crowdfunding was born from the first open source projects. The developers offer their work altruistically to whoever was interest.

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