Versatile studio If you have apple wir headphones or airpods, it can be a good starting point. Be practical and don’t buy a condenser microphone. I recommend a good usb microphone. I leave you some here. Blue snowball ice usb mic for recording, streaming, podcasting, gaming. On pc and mac, condenser microphone with cardioid capsule, adjustable desktop stand, plug ‘n play – black . Blue snowball ice usb mic for recording, streaming, podcasting, gaming on pc and mac. Condenser microphone desktop stand, plug ‘n play – black custom condenser capsule. Thanks to Cardioid pickup pattern: capture your voice Sleek retro design: record or stream with.

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Adjustable desktop tripod: allows you to place. Certifi for skype and discord: either for Amazon prime buy on amazon salesrøde nt-usb – microphone , us. Hmm, black. Reviews røde nt-usb – microphone, usb, . Mm, black high-quality condenser capsule delivers pattern Built-in pop filter to ruce noise Integrat digital signal processing gate Integrat Benin Mobile Database degree swivel mount for a Amazon prime buy on amazon versatile studio condenser usb microphone with pop filter and tripod for streaming, gaming, podcasting, music production, recording vocals and instruments . With pop filter and tripod for broadcasting, gaming, podcasting, music production, voice and instrument recording obviously we will ne a computer, tablet or smartphone from which to record our podcast.

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Audio itor it is important that we choose an audio iting software with which we are comfortable and whose learning curve is manageable. There are many options, but some programs may be too advanc and comprehensive for what we are looking for. Not all options are free. Here are some of the best-known audio itors. Also evaluate if WS Phone List they are multiplatform, that is, if they are valid for both computers, smartphones or tablets. I would like to list these options later, since i do believe that they have a somewhat higher learning curve to master them. Third-party platform or own website and we already have it! If you have manag to get to the last step, you just ne to publish your podcast on the internet.

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