Votes However Why is it important what values ​​are associatd with the brand? Because 56% of consumers remain loyal to the brands they become customers, and as much as 89% of customers are loyal to brands that share their values ​​. If your core brand values ​​align with your customers’ values, you can count on them buying your products Votes However and services again. What’s more, as many as 94% of people declare that they are very likely to recommend a brand in which they are emotionally involvd.

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Which means that without any additional activities and costs, you will increase your profits! We recommend Employer branding – how to Hungary Mobile Database build a brand during COVID-19? Branding – an investment with a return guarantee Branding is a long-term strategy, calculatd to bring measurable profits throughout the company’s existence. The effects of this strategy can be seen in all critical areas: – attracts ideal customers.

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Thanks to in-depth interviews, focus groups and online surveys, branding allows you to precisely define the customer profile in line with the WS Phone List company’s goals and values. Such knowldge allows you to create unique marketing content and direct it precisely, directly to your ideal customers. Ideal, those who are more likely to buy what you sell. – increases marketing effectiveness – if you take care of brand consistency and the right way.

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