It should be emphasiz that previous efforts and a substantively prepar brief pay off in the form of the most precise cost assessment possible. Why “possibly”? Due to the fact that the valuation of an IT project will never be 100%. During the implementation of the project, unexpect variables may appear additional integrations, changing part of the design), which may affect the change in costs. You also have the right to modify some functionalities.

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Above all, however, the purpose of the valuation is to determine the budget in which we will try to fit, and thanks to the aforemention work Singapore Mobile Database in SCRUM and transparent reports, as a client, you will be able to react to the progress of the project and costs on an ongoing basis. This approach accelerates adaptation, increases the possibility of developing even better ideas to complete the project in a shorter time.

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The fewer hours we spend on work, the less you will pay, and if you want to increase the scope of our tasks, we can always update WS Phone List the time estimate even during the project. As business and technical consultants, we help you achieve the best results in your project. During the first quote, we make sure that we meet your budget criteria. We remain flexible, advise and can negotiate the quote so that you are 100% satisfi before signing the contract.

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