Sometimes it is more important to stop to see where you are and what is the point of what you are doing, than to goper hour and not have a fix course. Screaming Frog Guide What It Is And How It Works November gabri perezReading:minutes Devotes Screaming Frog Guide What It Is And How It Works Table of Contents Imagine that you have to extract information to do On Page SEO from a corporate site wit hurls, including services, contact and several blog articles. So far, it would be a simple task, it could even be carri out with other tools, SEO extensions , etc, and in this way extract relevant information from the project. Now, if the web is an ecommerce with a million URLS, more than product families, hundis of filters.

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A large number of images, with articles on Hong Kong Email List the blog, etc., extracting the data is much more complicate. Well, thanks to this SEO analysis tool, that will no longer be a problem. You will be able to crawl a website simulating a crawler to extract information and pass it to a Google Sheets where to work on it, for example. Above all, you will be able to detect all kinds of gaps and find opportunities for both SEO and business. Next, we leave you with a Screaming Frog guide to improve and analyze the SEO of your projects. image logo tool What is Screaming Frog and what is it for? If you have already understood the basic function of the tool, now we are going to tell you what Screaming.

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Frog is and what this software is really for. Screaming WS Phone List Frog is one of those tools that once you’ve tri it, you want to keep using it for life. It is a desktop program that analyzes your website or that of your competition by simulating a crawl. It is mainly us to perform SEO audits of a website, although it has other features that we will see later. Next, we are going to show you some of its most interesting uses Main uses of Screaming Frog Extract information on page titles, descriptions.

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