We make a distinction between Cold traffic it is that made up of users who do not know us. Do not know anything about our brand or what our product or service is. We can carry out different segmentations to reach this type of traffic and that. It is of a higher quality in relation to our product service, in this case they can be audiences bas on demographic data. Interests, behaviors or similar audiences also known as Lookalikes. Temperate traffic they are those users who have had some contact with our brand, through an advertisement but are not quite sure what we can do for them. In this type of traffic we can find fans or followers of our.

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Instagram and Facebook profiles and who have interact Laos Email List with any of our publications, people who have visit our website or subscribers. They are personaliz audiences , to which we can direct another type of advertisement in which we show, for example, the problems that our product or service can solve. Hot trafficin this case we are already targeting people who know the brand, service or product and who may have even bought from us before. We can direct our ads to people who have visit our sales page, have one or more items abandon in the cart of our online store or who add a product to the wish list, among other cases. Types of traffic in Facebook Ads Did you know these forms of segmentation.

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In Facebook Ads? And the types of traffic according to the phase WS Phone List in which our potential client is? We hope that this post has been useful to you and that you start implementing your segmentations with time and carefully analyzing the type of audience you want your ads to impact. And if you prefer that your campaigns be manag by someone expert, contact us and we will advise you,accepreneur Manuel Fandos de tugestoSeptember accessReadingminutes accePreneursvotes Were back with a newaccePreneurs by Manuel Fandos, founder and CEO of tugesto , the most comprehensive online consultancy. As he himself says.

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