We found that Alt tags, response codes, etc. Simulate the Google robot crawling your website. Review of files such as sitemap.xml or robots.txt. Migrations track a site locally, check postlaunch directs, loss of positions, etc. Check the internal linking of a website , its link score , unique internal links, anchoring, etc. Check the implementation of structure data. This is done by clicking on Extraction  Structure Data  JSONLD, Microdata, Dra and Schema.org Validation. Image capture panel structure data Detect WPO improvements thanks to the Page Spe ​​Insights API . Discover duplicate content. For this you can even indicate the threshold of duplicity that you are willing to allow.


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Image capture duplicity tool There are several Iceland Email List versions of the crawling tool , so if you want to know what Screaming Frog Spider is for and what its prices are, stay with us reading. Accessing the Screaming Frog prices section on the tool’s website , you can find two versions, thefreeversion and the paid version . The latter costsper year, which is around . There are many differences, but one of the most striking is that with the free version of Screaming Frog Spider you can only crawl up toURLS , while with the paid version it is unlimit. You also can’t compare crawls from different dates, do custom extractions, connect the data with Google Analytics , or check structur data, among other things. screenshot seo software prices How to use Screaming Frog Spider.

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To know how to use Screaming Frog , we have WS Phone List prepare a series of basic initial configurations that will help you prepare the tool for crawling and be able to perform a professional SEO audit. Screaming Frog Initial Setup First of all, remember to delete all data from previous crawls, possible include sitemaps.xml, crawl preferences, spe, robots file, connect APIS, etc. Once you have everything ready, we start with some tips. User agent and spider configuration In configuration Spider, the first thing you have to do is select which sergeant you want the program to simulate. By default, Screaming frog SEO Spider usually appears.

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