Room wall paint to sunglasses, from toothpaste to gin, from floor cleaner to office furniture. The premium segments have manage to grow in value in recent years. For example, in Spain, sales of high end cars over 60,000 euros increase by 50 in the last year and sales of vehicles between 30,000 and 40,000 euros also grew strongly.

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In the wine sector, the phenomenon is similar. For example, sales of large reserves of the DO Rioja grew by 12 in 2014. How is it possible Bahamas Mobile Database Aren’t we in crisis Yes, but not for the things that we adore and better reflect our tastes and passions, although this also means that the consumer may try to later compensate for the extra spending in these higher categories by saving in other categories.

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That are more indifferent to him. The eventual change of cycle also helps this trend. In China , for example, disposable income WS Phone List has almost quadruple in the last ten years and this higher income is reflecte in the latest Nielsen study on the “premiumisation” of consumption in China. Their analysis shows remarkable growth in the premium.


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