We have prepar a  It is much easier to overcome an economic downturn than to recover the reputation of a brand after a crisis. From Miagroup , communication agency in Seville ,  and practical manual so that you are prevent in these cases. Keep reading! crisis management Essentials in a reputation crisis A crisis communication plan for your company. which is regularly review. All employees, especially managers, must be familiar with that document and be train in how to execute it . Determine a crisis leader , that is, the person who will be in charge of managing the crisis if it ever happens.

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A spokesperson must also be appoint , who may be the crisis leader. How do I create a crisis communication plan ? It is a Czech Republic Mobile Database document that must be studi in detail, which is why we recommend using communication professionals to prepare it. The essential points that cannot be miss are: Possible scenarios and causes of a potential crisis. ask questions. Plan of social networks to know how to act specifically in each one of them. Organizational protocol and action plan. Communication vehicles with the possible affect audiences.

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Bear in mind that in certain cases it may WS Phone List be necessary to receive legal advice. Practical keys to be victorious In our communication agency we give you the following advice: Be quick . Go ahead by being the first to give statements. So speculation and false information that worsen the situation. The crisis leader must urgently bring the entire team together and define the steps to be follow firmly and emphatically. Monitor social networks and mia hours a day. You can organize a shift plan with the team. Answer all questions and do not delete comments on social networks.

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