Newsymfony On the other hand, we have the resign of the logs section . Now with a much more current design, and with functionality to filter bas on the channel or the level of error. This is very useful since in dev mode , a lot of logs are generat. Which makes it hard to find exactly what you ne. bigimprovementssymfony In this new version. We have the ability to disable the profiler to avoid the overhead it generates when in dev mode . This can be very useful for situations in which we are in a post deploy environment, with servers that have few resources for example, where we want to be in dev mode , but not have the profiler add that overhead. And last but not least, they have add a new command to list the environment variables stor in the .env and see which files are being load from . bignewssymfony other improvements.

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They have add support for bootstrap and tailwind in the Ghana Email List rendering of the forms, which you can already use by including the theme globally in the twig configuration or locally in the template . New functions in the String componenttrimPrefix and trimSuffix . More integrations with the notifier component . Improvements in language selection automatically through theAcceptlanguageheader . This is a great advantage to delegate this task to the framework, bas on the request generat by the user’s browser. Improv Voter performance via caching by overriding the supportsType method of the Voter class . In case you want to do it through the interface, you must implement the rest of the methods.


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New Path class belonging to the Filesystem WS Phone List component , which you can use to normalize access to directories and files, regardless of the operating system from which it is us. You can now add parameters to the Translatable object . Help messages in translatable forms . Messenger handlers configurable through attributes, without having to add it to the configuration. Batch consumption of messenger messages via the BatchHandlerInterface interface . Allow services to be reset after consuming a message.

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