We want or Entrepreneurship has always been part of his DNA, his way of being and understanding the world, his world. And tenacity, will and attitude are the engine of every entrepreneur. If you want to know more about the main problems that entrepreneurs face, what he thinks about the online world and marketing strategies, you cant miss this interview. What are you waiting for?To put the readers in a situation, tell us something about yourself, who are you, what do you usually do and what l you to take the step of starting a business? Table of Contents Im Manuel Fandoms, founder and CEO of hugest. In my day to day I run the company.

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A SaaS that we have been developing for a few Latvia Email List years. Right now, we are betting heavily on its commercialization and reaping the rewards of the time invest in its development. As for what l me to take the step of undertaking , the truth is that it is something that since I can remember has been part of my vision of the future . There has not been a specific fact or circumstance that l me to make the decision to undertake as such, it is something that is part of my character , so when I launch myself into the productive adult world I do it by undertaking. To what extent do you think the digital world is important for the growth of current companies.

B2C Email List

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It is essential to the point that it is no longer an alternative, but a WS Phone List necessity . Having an internet presence multiplies your opportunities and your reach, if you work well. Today even the most traditional business should have at least one website . Although it goes far beyond having more or fewer customers. In any sector, there will always be someone who digitizes and innovates before you, optimizing their time and rucing their costs. It is an adaptive matter. Almost survival, I would say. Either you digitize, or you stay behind. In our case, tugesto is not understood without an online environment.

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