Anything in the company that we want to measure its resource consumption of resources is a cost target. We must banish from our heads the fact that the. A only cost objective that exists is the manufacture product. When we talk about the product, we must even clarify at the moment of the production process in which it is locate. If we consider a yoghurt, is a freshly. A made yoghurt the same as a yoghurt from the supermarket.

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I think we are all realizing that no, the resources neee to achieve the first of the mentione cost objectives are less than those we use France Mobile Database to achieve the second one. Cost Objective Types With the aim of banishing from our heads that there is only the manufacture product cost objective, I have propose to list some of them: Product Lot Production As we have discusse above, making yogurt is not the. A same as. A putting it in the supermarket refrigerator.

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In the case of wanting to list the resources use for the latter, I must add the necessary resources for the distribution service provide We can also list the. A necessary resources to. A understand how much it costs us to provide a certain service WS Phone List to our clients. Customer. A Customer requirements Sometimes, serving a client is not only serving them the product or service, but also adding a series of special requirements with a specific presentation, in a shorter period of time than normal.


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