Preventive measures it can distort. A the reality of the candidate, since many people use social networks for their personal relationships and not for a professional purpose. China, India and the Unite Kingdom are the countries that reject candidates the most because. A of of efficient use of energy by end customers, while while they receive accurate meters at a competitive price, and the promotion of energy services and their easy access for. A small and meium size companies. Energy audits in the spotlight of the Directive The European the information they read about them on social networks. According to a Jobvite study,the main reasons for the. A elimination of candidates are references, in their content, to narcotic substances or alcohol.

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Sexual innuendoes or possible spelling errors, among others. But, what is the most relevant information that must be taken into account when looking for the Preventive measures candidate’s profile on social networks First of all, look . A for important information Belize Mobile Database for the position that is being offere, since if you do not offer it, it may mean that you are not intereste in your profession or that you do not have enough vocation. You will also have to look for data that does not appear on your resume or differences between what you say. A and write on the web.

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It is best to ask for a written authorization from

With this, it will be possible to detect if there is false information in his career or if there is something that does not fit the puzzle. Know what WS Phone List the candidate’s personality is like In addition, through the network, it is also possible . A to make an assessment of the personality of the candidate being sought or whether or not it. A conforms to the company’s business policy, without ruling out the search for their aptitudes, knowlege, abilities, etc.


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