Relevance It concerns the compatibility between the line of business and the term that the user searched for. To do this, Google analyzes the company’s profile on Google Company Profile and matches the keyword entered. In addition to the business category and name, it is important to use. Relevant terms in the business description within the platform. Tips for doing Local SEO Here are some tips that will help your. Business start or improve its local SEO strategy. Website Optimization To create a website that is fully. Optimized for search engines, consider creating a contact page with an address and phone number. Program the site so that you can click on the number to place a direct call.

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Also consider adding a locator map of establishments that sell your products, adding testimonials. After all, they convey social relevance and credibility. It is very important that you have a responsive website, that is, adapted for mobile UK Business Email List devices such as cell phones and tablets. With the increase in mobile searches, technological advances and the use of smartphones, more and more local searches are carried out using these devices. 2. Local content Building authority is critical to any business. Develop local content that helps people, update your page with posts that not only talk about your products or services, but also address issues that are relevant to your persona, meeting their pains and needs.

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Google Company Profile Google Company Profile is a free tool that is essential in any local SEO strategy. By registering you will improve your positioning and have a detailed profile to be presented to people who are looking for your products nearby. In addition, with Google Maps, people will be able to find your profile on Google, trace routes, make WS Phone List calls or access the company’s website. 4. Social networks The website and google my business are not the only alternatives for companies that want to be well positioned locally. Therefore, it is also necessary to be present in other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, among others. The important thing is to study each social media channel and assess which ones are necessary for your company to approach consumers with greater quality and engagement.

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