Such as writing blogs knowlge video making or techniques. In fact there are many more techniques in What challenges lie ahead the digital world. But what we have given examples to look at is something that should be given priority. In the age of digital, we can’t do marketing by just one channel. But a multi-channel link is requir. and many methods together. I have to admit that making content or content Has become a hero in the digital age fully. And it has become a strategy for many types of businesse. Brands or products that pay attention and pay attention to content creation.

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Let’s take a look What challenges lie China Mobile Database ahead at how to plan the right content. for marketing planning to create opportunities for business growth set clear goals A good start is half the battle won. Therefore, content strategy must come from clear marketing objectives. and which one is not necessary will be able to choose to make content correctly and appropriately, for example goal to increase sales The goal is to generate traffic to the website. The goal is to create awareness in the business.

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The goal of SEO is to be on the first page of Google. expenditures. Goals for building Social Engagement Set clear indicators or KPIs. e measurable. Because it will help us adjust the strategy correctly. and do not waste the budget in vain WS Phone List The indicators should be number, for example: Achieve target sales within month, within a quarter, or within year. subscriptions through the website by people in month. Increase the number of people who press to subscribe to receive news emails , in month Increase people to visit the content that we make through the website people in month.

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