In Drupal, this can be done using a special Dark Mode module. In addition, this CMS has solutions that make it easy to build a mega menu . It is multilevel and is a suitable solution for a complex website with many functionalities and subpages. Responsiveness of intranet software Not all SaaS intranets are responsive. This may be due to the assumption of the developers that users will most likely use them in the office on computers.

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Nowadays, with remote work and business trips, access to the intranet platform on a mobile device is very important. Thanks to it, employees Northeast Mobile Database are able to quickly obtain information and communicate with each other, regardless of where they are currently. Drupal uses fluid layouts and special modules. The Responsive and offcanvas menu tool allows you to adapt the menu to screens of different sizes.

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Another module Responsive Images allows you to optimize the graphics depending on the device on which the intranet platform WS Phone List is open. Time ne to implement the intranet platform If you urgently ne an intranet, and building a solution tailor to your nes is not possible at the moment, it is worth getting interest in SaaS software . You can start working there right away. Possible extension of the waiting time for its availability may result from the ne to adjust it to your requirements. This is possible with some SaaS intranets.

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