According to data from the CNDL (National Confederation of Shopkeepers), the vast majority. Of Brazilians (97%) search for information online before making a purchase in physical stores. How Does O2O Work? The O2O (Online-to-Offline) Business Model is adopted by several companie . That advertis their busines online to find and bring customers to consume their products and services in the offlin world. It works by attracting users on the internet, offering offers, reservations, recommendations and showing where people can find the brand. This serves to create real world buying opportunities ( Lead generation ) for retailers. Imagine the following scenario.

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A beverage brand decided to carry out a digital marketing campaign.With the aim of becoming better known and attracting more consumers to its points of sale. For this, it carries out a campaign based on geolocation ( geomarketing ), that is, an action. That will only impact consumers in strategic regions, close to the stores that resell its product. The public is impacted Denmark Business Email List by digital advertising that informs, in real time, that the drink question. Is on sale in a store that is close to its current location, bringing more consumers to the store. Read more about Local SEO → Modern consumer journey We know that in the digital.Environment, the purchase journey can be different for each customer. Each user has their own maturation path and purchase decision.

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Which ends up happening when it suits you best. However, it is possible that you can help them make this decision by offering purchase incentives at the right time and in the right place. As we saw in the text above, customers who are part of the online-to-offline strategy have already carried out research on the product at home and, therefore, have WS Phone List comprehensive notions about what they want to buy. In this way, it is important that the consumer has access to relevant and quality information about the item you offer and also about your brand. From the moment you consider him properly nourishe, he can be forwarde to the next stage of the journey and, thus, make the purchase in a much lighter and more pleasant way.

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