Woman with megaphone in hands photo by: Juliana Romão Ask open-ended questions and expect honest answers. There is a popular phrase: the truth hurts. However, it can be gold for your strategies. Therefore, be ready to receive criticism and seek a more constructive view. One of the questionnaires available at Mind Miners is the NPS . It allows you to measure how many of your consumers would recommend the company to friends or acquaintances. As our focus is on reducing your churn, in this case we would look at those who stated that they would not recommend the company and we would analyze the open-ended question: “What could [COMPANY / BRAND] do differently to receive a higher rating on the recommendation scale.

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With the platform you can, from a questionnaire with minimal adjustments, automatically calculate your brand’s NPS. It is not necessary to do the subtraction calculation from promoters to detractors, we do it for you. Your goal will be to analyze the results and understand how your brand is doing . If you’ve chosen to conduct research and listen to your Macau Business Email List customers and former customers, turn your data into action. An active audience expects to see the tips and requests they have indicated being fulfille. banner-clusters Know your customers and your competitors’ customers Many companies do not know who is actually buying or contracting their services.

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This may be related to the fact that your customers are leaving and your churn rate is increasing. If knowing your own consumer is a difficult task, knowing your competitors would be another big step, right? Let’s do it by steps: a) To truly WS Phone List know your consumer, one possibility is to evaluate the demographic profile in an automated way on the MindMiners platform, going beyond gender, age and social class. b) Together, we recommend creating personas . They help in understanding not only the demographic profile, but also the behavioral one.

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