Lucid’s solution to yourFor some, content marketing is an elusive concept. For others, they’re waiting for the next big digital breakthrough that will propel their company ahead of the competition. Wherever you are on the scale, one thing is for sure: your business needs a digital marketing strategy if you will compete in your industry. Digital marketing gives… Read More What is Brand Development? Brand development is a strategic process of creating and distinguishing your company’s image, products and services from your competitors.

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Development includes aligning your brand with your business objectives, communicating your brand to your target market and updating or strengthening your brand as necessary. Brand development is ongoing, with goals acting more or Guyana Business Email List less as benchmarks. Read More E-A-T SEO and Content Marketing Whether trying to buy a car or looking for legal advice, you want to have confidence that the information you are reading is accurate and comes from a trustworthy source. Google, the world’s most used search engine, wants the same thing. In today’s search pages, Google doesn’t just want to serve users with relevant information.

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Read More SEO and SEM: what’s the diff? SEO, SEM, content Team Lucid loves you. We want to give you more content you like. Remember when we told you how to get your SEO and SEM groove on? Tons of shares on that post! We aim to please so we’re bringing you more. There are big changes in 2018 for your business in SEO and SEM.… Read More In healthcare WS Phone List Why you should blog. Social media in medicine is big. But tricky. If you’re in healthcare, the easiest way to get started is blogging. Healthcare blogging is easy to integrate into your site. Existing and potential patients can find it first. You’ll have a variety of topics. And, you can kill two birds with one stone. Help patients andThe primary purpose of a website is to convert qualified leads into loyal customers.

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