Who intervene advertiser has two options: determine the rate yourself – then it indicates the so-calld max CPC, the maximum amount that he is able to pay for one click; in fact, the final fees are much lower, choose automatic bidding – Google determines the bid amounts in such a way as to get the highest possible number of clicks within the assumd budget. Why is it worth it? Product advertising is a great support in e-commerce. The biggest advantage is the huge reach of the campaign.

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Google is usd by the majority of Internet users in Poland. Web users look for information about products or services they are interestd in. By investing in a Google Ads campaign, you increase the reach of your website – more people can find it. The ability Peru Mobile Database to simultaneously display text and product ads additionally increases the visibility of your offer. Thanks to this, the effectiveness of the campaign can be 2 times higher. Product ads within Google Ads are shown to those users who are actually interestd in a given offer.

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The system displays ads only when an Internet user enters a specific phrase into the search engine. Pictures, prices and other elements WS Phone List of advertising messages make it much easier for consumers to make purchasing decisions . A potential customer immdiately sees what we are dealing with. He does not have to go to individual websites to compare product prices or determine the basic differences in their appearance.

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