Will allow us to create  Be measurable Because it will help us adjust the strategy correctly. And do not waste the budget in vain The indicators should be numbered, for example: Achieve target sales within month, within a quarter, or within year. Increase the number of subscriptions through the website by people in month. Increase the number of people who press to subscribe to receive news emails , in month Increase people to visit the content that we make through the website people in month.

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Increase your Google search rankings Malaysia Mobile Database on the first page. Increase the number of likes, shares, and comments in the contents that we want to measure. Accepting invitations to attend events or events Define a clear target group and view feedback from customers. Gathering information about the target audience. It allows us to provide content that is clearly appropriate and useful for age, gender, interest, income, education, which information can be obtained both from our own in-house surveys. And another case, if we already have a website or social media.

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We will have information of website WS Phone List visitors and social media followers by gathering audience information through Google. Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, including people who subscribe to our website. Or even collecting information from customer feedback whether they have feelings or have questions. About the content we write which will allow us to see both interest customer requirements and may see the problems encountered. Then use all the information to create a Buyers Persona. Or a fictional character for our target group that they have any problems. Hat are you interested in? What is your goal in life? What are the motivation. At is the need What challenges lie ahead? What are the channels for receiving news and information.

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