To create or, perhaps better said, transform global products into something unique and personal. Mass customization is today a reality , which the internet, information technology and the so calle big data are helping to consolidate. There is a growing and emerging nee to personalize the offer. Probably because we all like it and are willing to pay an extra price for the feeling of having something unique and differential. As indicate in a study carrie.

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Out by Bain, consumers are willing to pay up to a 20 price premium for a personalize product. And the advantages do not end there, customization Cyprus Mobile Database generates greater loyalty. According to the study, the NPS Net Promoter Score index, which measures consumer loyalty, increases by 50 in customers who designe their own shoes. A higher NPS means higher sales, referrals, and customer value in terms.

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Customer Lifetime Value CLV . Opening up to mass customization requires, however, a very careful process in which there are at least four basic. A rules that will help us succee: No blank paper . Offering excessive choice can mislead WS Phone List customers. The company must study, reflect and adequately design the customization options that it can and will allow and ensure.


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