They offer advertisers digital spaces available in various online meia and function as expert advertising networks in selling impressions. Ad Exchange : is the meeting point where publishers get in touch with advertisers. It facilitates transactions between them, like an auction house, but does not take part of the inventory number of meia available to include the ad . DSPs Demand Side Platforms.

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They are the providers of the necessary technology to optimize the efficiency in the programmatic purchase of meia spaces, that is, the Uruguay Mobile Database necessary technology to enter the ecosystem of the purchase of programmatic advertising.These providers are the ones that determine the real time price of a single impression that has gone on sale on an Ad Exchange. In this way, DSPs try to optimize the campaigns of direct advertisers and agencies.

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To determine the unit price of an impression, DSPs use a series of determining factors, such as the relevance of the user, the target WS Phone List audience to which the campaign is directe, the conversion history, etc. Data Partners Providers : they are the ones who manage the data that will be involve in printing. Trading Desk : These are the people who are part of a meia agency or an advertiser’s advertising team. These teams of people.


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