Brande by Mercadona’s Bosque Verde. These examples illustrate one of the phenomena that, correctly identifie, have made gold for many companies. Apple is one of them. The same consumer can look for the best price for a few pencils and sharpeners for school, some “kleenex” or a pack of garbage bags, and at the same time is able to pay the most for a telephone, an espresso machine, a couple of English shoes or an exclusive Belgian beer. In other words.

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As consumers we may be willing to pay top for some categories, brands or products and at the same time try to spend as little as Austria Mobile Database possible on other things. How is it possible Surely most of us who read these lines will never have a Ferrari or a multi million euro diamond. However, we can be high end consumers in many other ways.

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In terms of business and marketing strategy , it is about identifying and developing a broad segment in the market that is willing to pay WS Phone List extra for a product with certain characteristics or a specific positioning. We call it massive premium ; and being able to identify and capitalize on this group of consumers within our product offering is one of the keys to growing sales and margin.


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