For this reason, we want you to get to know this person well, have contact with them, and be able to direct your questions and suggestions at any time. From a business point of view, it is also important that your project will also be run by a dicat Service Delivery Manager, whose tasks includ strategic project assessment, consultations and longterm project development.

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You will also be able to address your questions during cooperation to individual programmers, through a dicat channel on Slack. You Kuwait Mobile Database will also have the opportunity to participate in weekly team meetings, during which we discuss what has been done in the last few days and develop an action plan for the next few days. In addition to getting to know the project team, this type of meeting also aims to show how we will collaborate.

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Communicate and report on the progress of work on the project. Customer path in Droptica summary Going step by step through WS Phone List the customer path gives mutual benefits. Thanks to this transparent model of cooperation. We as a software development company. Know everything about your vision of the website that. You want to (expand) build, and you can be sure that it will. Be implement bas on specific solutions and in relation to the specifi budget.

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