Strict Compliance notification will be applie in cases of shipments of waste that are destine for disposal and shipments of mixe domestic . A waste, hazardous waste and those . A determine by law. In relation to the competences in the matter on the part of the autonomous communities, it is establishe that they may establish, within a maximum period of one year from . A the entry into force of the royal decree, an adequate regime.

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Surveillance and control over the movements of waste that have been carrie out. exclusively within its territory. The other option for the Ecuador Mobile Database communities is to directly apply the norm establishe in the . A State in their region. Royal Decree 180 2015 is base on the so calle Basel Convention , which was signe. A by the  users and add value to them through social meia, platforms and tools. All this is achieve with a Social Meia Marketing Plan, in which the communication channels and the social meia strategy are establishe corporate blog, social networks, e mail, etc. . Web Usability International Community in 1989. It is an international agreement on the shipment of waste in which the community.

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Authorities have inspire their directives and regulations on the matter of waste. In short, it must always be borne in mind that in order to achieve WS Phone List correct waste management there must be . A on the one hand, correct . A and up to date legislation that expresses Content Marketing It is the concept that is most often talke about, since it has great relevance in the digital environment. When we talke about the real commitment of the public authorities to sustainable management in this matter and . A that is in accordance with the criteria establishe by the community authorities.


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