The situation is similar in the case of applications or even the operating system on a computer that you deal with as a private person. This type of software can also take the form of a legacy system if you do not perform ongoing updates. Programming languages ​​can also be seen as legacy.

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An example is COBOL, a language still us in some banking and government systems. Maintaining these applications is crucial for business, and the costs of this process are increasing, which is mainly caus by the lack of qualifi Vietnam Mobile Database specialists. How do you know if you are dealing with a legacy system? Recognizing whether you are working with a legacy system is usually not difficult at all.

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The programmer may notice some manifestations in the code. Such signals may include complicat, incomprehensible code WS Phone List that is no longer maintain or develop, lack of site documentation , or simply the use of old programming languages. You can also verify for yourself whether you are dealing with a legacy system. Just determine what version of the software you have.

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