You a little Graphic design course youtube hey jaime why open a channel on youtube? And why offer an online graphic design course? Today, we have all the information we want at our fingertips. The internet has gone from being a practical tool to something that is always taken “for grant”. Many of us even suffer a comical withdrawal syndrome when we lack or lose coverage. The mere fact of talking about the “internet” as a phenomenon to be comment on already sounds expensive and retrograde. It has become part of everyone’s life. A student hungry for learning can go to google, type “learn graphic design” and have endless pages of results.

I didn t dare to put it together

I know because i have found myself in the same situation. Coming out of college, i want to learn everything i could about graphic design. He devour books and manuals. So there were no platforms like domestika, which can help us find very France Mobile Database technical and creative solutions to master graphic design software. However, graphic design must be taught very basic. It is not enough to master design programs and creative software. We ne to learn the solid theory from which this discipline is bas. This will allow us to master the design and do our job much better.

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My head for a long time

The professional designer requires constant training and evolution. I consider myself a clear example that you can be self-taught in many aspects of graphic design. Like i did coming out of college, i want to prove that graphic design can be master WS Phone List by anyone with an inquisitive eye and an eagerness to learn. I decid to open the youtube channel to emphasize this idea. Besides, it will be quite a challenge for me. I have a great time making the videos. Of course, it’s been a few years since i finish my degree in communication and i’m still struggling with the recording and iting of each one.

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